Real-life examples of successful due diligence using VDRs

In an era when digital technologies penetrate every area of our lives, new approaches and methods of working with sensitive data are constantly emerging. One of the most significant approaches is the transition to cloud data rooms. So, how do they change our understanding of collaboration? Let’s figure it out.

The data room for due diligence: not a whim, but a necessity

In order to be able to use the advantages of digitization in terms of time savings and increased profitability, further software developments must focus on the user and his workflows. Within due diligence, risk assessments have become inevitable for everyday business. A more efficient mapping of the processes is now required.

The due diligence check when purchasing a company is the basis for a successful corporate transaction. It should check in advance to what extent the acquisition of a target company makes sense. Depending on the purpose and structure of the planned company purchase, very different aspects can come to the fore. The requirements contained in a due diligence checklist for the purchase of a company are different when investing in a company specializing in research and development than in a manufacturing business. Nevertheless, some points are always of great importance in due diligence for the sale of a company. It includes, in particular, the examination of finances, balance sheets, taxes, and economic potential.

A challenge in the due diligence process is ensuring the privacy and security of customer data, as it involves collecting and storing sensitive personal and financial information. Businesses must implement strict data security standards to protect customer information and prevent unauthorized access or breaches. Therefore, companies prefer using ready-made virtual data rooms. In this way, they do not need to build their corporate information systems; instead, they can implement cloud-based data rooms.

These cloud platforms have become an integral part of modern business. They simplify many processes related to data storage, transmission, and processing. They also eliminate the need to store paper archives, eliminate human errors, and streamline access to information.

Reasons to use the data room platform

Following, using virtual data room solutions in a due diligence process is commonplace thanks to the following functions:

·       Automation of the whole process

The data room platform aims to use innovative features to automate the due diligence process to a greater extent. Users can easily drag and drop documents and files to cloud storage. The data itself is easy to store in the cloud. It does not require any technical knowledge. Cloud storage systems can easily share access in the cloud with another user. Data stored in the cloud is easily and securely shared with clients and colleagues.

·       Safety and reliability

Unlike public virtual drives, a cloud data room is safer for storing important information and data. It is because the servers where the disk space is located undergo multi-level encryption, so outsiders and third parties will not be able to access the data. In addition, access to the virtual system can be opened only to a limited number of people, confirming the high level of security.

·       Intelligent search and automated document translation

Due to the internationalization of business transactions, the demands on the underlying processes are also increasing. Increasingly, parties from different language regions are involved. The time required for translations is enormous, and the costs for language-savvy specialists are high, even for sometimes somewhat irrelevant documents. Translating documents in real-time directly in the data room for the first time is possible. In order to quickly find the most essential information in the flood of data, an extensive search function is indispensable. 

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